It’s tomorrow!

This is my 4th year of signing up for the Juneathon and, I am ashamed to admit, I only ever finished the first attempt back in 2010. For 2013 I am going to keep my fingers crossed and toes firmly splayed that this year will be the year that I run EVERY day, BLOG every day and ACHIEVE the dizzying heights of being a bonafide Juneathon completer


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Pre D-day preparation!

Tomorrow is it – day one of the Juneathon and I am glad to say that I have finally managed to eat all the chocolate and crisps that have been clogging up my cupboards so I can now start this jog-blog month with minimal temptation and maximum good intentions. I even weighed myself to see if there will be a welcomed ‘before and after’ poundage result.

Today’s exercise: 5.5 km BRISK walk with the dog (as I do every day)
Thoughts while out: I wonder if I will see the mummy fox and cubs (I did!) Why do pigeons, when sitting high up on a telephone wire, still flap off when Nina runs up to them all of 20 feet below? My right knee aches a bit

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Two days to go……

Knowing that in two days I will have to go for a run has prolonged my run-procrastination……I refuse to go until the 1st. Meanwhile, I am desperately munching my way through fridge and kitchen cupboards in order to rid them of all ‘bad’ foods – I think I am at my heaviest non-pregnant weigh-in EVER!!! Agghhhhh……….

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Juneathon Number Three!

I have just signed up for my third Juneathon…….. Maybe this year it will be a third-time-lucky case of finishing the month having truly run and blogged every day of it! Watch this space…… 🙂

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Days two and three

Day two was just as windy – 45mph winds – so I took my exercise by walking a 5 mile round trip to a little beach we saw up here – all while giving my three year old a piggy back! No easy task as the wind turned us into weathersocks and we flapped and sailed our way around the coast!!
Today is going to be a pleasant (with two argumentative children) walk to Faraid Head past our favourite beach of Balnakeil. Tonight we drive back to the flatlands of Northamptonshire so hopefully tomorrow I’ll at long last get in a Juneathon run.


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Day one – horizontal!!

Woke up to 40 to 50 mph winds and lashing rain. My “run” turned into a forced trot into Durness with the wind pushing me all the way. Coming back, after buying two pints of milk and a couple of pounds of tatties, turned into that horizontal lean into the wind. I couldn’t even raise my head as the rain lacerated the eyeballs! So – hope all will be forgiven that day one turned into a power struggle rather than a happy 3 mile jiggle around the sands!!

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Almost day one…..

Up in the highlands – Durness – to start off my Juneathon and the locals say tomorrow is going to be windy. Humph! I’m sure their idea if windy is our soft southerners’ idea of gales and hurricanes. I will, of course, be keeping you posted of my horizontal running skills!

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Pre-Juneathon runs!

I have been a good girlie for the past 2 weeks and have been out there running my stuff! A little healthy competition with a couple of local boys, Andy and Nick, helps as I strive to run further and faster than they can.

And I can! 🙂

Anyway, I have just signed up for the Juneathon again. Hopefully it will get more runs than the colder Janathon got! It should do as I hit the big 4-0 in the middle of June so runs are up there on my list of ‘How-to-stay-youthful-ish’.

Today’s run – 8.32 miles in 1hr 38:48. avg 8.52 mikn/mile

Thoughts while running – ‘This better burn of some serious calories after last night’s pig out on Watsits!’

(1050 cals burned!! Not too sure if I ate more cals than that in my crisp binge!?!)

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Janathon Day Four – a non starter

Oh dear! I was full of good intentions to go running as soon as The Man got home from work but, while cooking the evening meal, I found a bottle of plonk that had somehow survived the Christmas excesses so there you go – no evening run for me! !

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Janathon Day Three – A Killer

As I fully well knew, run three was a killer. Gone is that adrenalin rush of starting a new exercise regime, in are the aching muscles after two first-in-a-long-time runs and the body and mind were NOT willing. But I did it! Changed the timing on my very nice GPS lady (I must give here a name) so she spoke to me every three minutes rather than every 5 and that kept me going. Changed my route and that helped a bit, too, as was across the fields and had to really concentrate to not slip in the mud. But I did it and here it is:

2.97 miles in 26:53 minutes and my average pace was 9:04 min/mile with yet more negative splitting being achieved as mile three was 8:47 min/mile!!!

Slower than days one and two but hey!!

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